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  • Gemini: hands-on in south germany?
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    Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2018 21:01:35 +0200
    From: doak <>
    Subject: Gemini: hands-on in south germany?

    Dear Psion/Epoc friends,

    the Gemini looks indeed interesting. I am still looking for a dealer in south Germany to have a look at it, but had no luck so far.
    Some of you already own a Gemini device. Is anybody located "near" Munich? It would be great to meet and have a detailed look if possible ...

    Since some told their Psion history, I would like to add mine as well ;)
    My first beloved Psion was a Series 5 in 1998. Later I switched to a Series 5mx, mainly because of the better screen. Both are still working, but during my studies I phased to a Pentium III Lifebook with touch screen: browsing the web was just a pain with the Psion. That was approx. in 2004. Before that I had used this machine for really everything.
    In 2009 I was very happy to find some device again which could satisfy my needs: a Nokia E71. It was even based on Epoc, namely Symbian OS. That phone was really awesome: very good battery duration, Wifi, Bluetooth, mechanical robust and -- most important -- a keyboard which I got very used to. People usually were not able to distinguish if I chatted from PC or my E71.
    Anyway, after more and more internet services switched their SSL connection to use safer hash algorithms, which the E71 failed to process, the end was very near. Finally my email provider switched, hence I had to switch too. This was 2016 I guess. I really hate proprietary products for that, and I probably will never ever buy such a personal and important device again which does not run a free system.
    Nowadays, I am using an Samsung Galaxy S3 running Replicant. In my opinion, such keyboard-less (nearly button-less) devices are toys, but certainly are not powerful tools.

    To be honest, my productivity sunk with every more "modern" device. It's really a pity... :(

    Best regards,
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