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    Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 09:36:58 +0200
    From: Heidi und Wolfgang von Jan <>
    Subject: Re: The Digest V1 #3017, printing with Gemini

    Hello, Jim

    with my Gemini (Android) I print via the Android Submenue Print to our
    home WIFI Network Printer Officejet or outside our home via eMail to my
    HP without any problem.

    I wish you that you get a good helper with your Gemini as me


    Am 10.10.2018 um 09:00 schrieb
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    Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 06:59:52 -0700
    From: Edward Hasbrouck <>
    Subject: Re: Printing with Gemini

    > Subject: Printing with Gemini
    > I have a number of Kindels . I print by sending file to myself by email.
    > Then I print from the received email file. I thought that the Gemini will
    > send email as both have Android op systems. This could be a show stopper.
    > Jim WG (anticipating a Gemini for Xmas)

    In Linux, I can print directly from my Gemini to a print server on my
    netlocal network. My router includes a print server. There is an option
    for "print preferences" under "preferences" in the main menu on the Gemeni
    in Linux. It was very simple to add a new printer and set it up.

    I don't remember if the "cups" print driver was installed by default as
    part of the Debian Linux image for the Gemini. If not, you can install it
    form the defualt Debain Linux repositories.

    I have not tried to print directly from Android on the Gemeni.

    It is possible to send email from the Gemini in Linux or Android. On
    Android, you can use the K-9 email client, or the Gmail client.

    You can also put a file on a USB flash drive, and hand-carry it to another
    computer to print. USB flash drives are recognized automagically when you
    plug them into the Gemeni in both Android and Linux. Most flash drives are
    USB-A, so you probbaly need a USB-A to USB-C adapter. These are cheap and
    standard. I have links to some in my Gemini review:

    Best regards,
    Edward Hasbrouck
    San Francisco, USA
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    Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:11:59 +0300
    From: vlad arghir EU <>
    Subject: joke and Youyota
    Btw, no news about the Youyota. Anyone knows more?


    vlad a
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    Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:22:02 +0300
    From: vlad arghir EU <>
    Subject: Ajai #3016

    Hello, Ajai!

    Sorry to hear? Be well!

    The Digest has so long been this great place to be (thank you Itamar, Rolf
    and everybody!) that we might as well add tricks&tips on ageing, like: DO
    yearly go to medical exams and have your flu-vac :-)

    Take care everybody?

    vlad a
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    Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 21:35:29 -0700
    From: Edward Hasbrouck <>
    Subject: Gemini PDA fast charger

    In a comment on the review of the Gemini in my blog, Wolfgang von Jan
    reported that LG fast charger model MCS-H06ER charges his Gemini almost as
    fast as the fast charger supplied by Planetcom, without getting the Gemini
    as hot.

    LG model MCS-H06ER has a European plug with two round pins. Based on this
    tip, I bought an LG model MCS-H06WD, which appears to be the same or
    similar except with a US/Japan plug with two flat blades (non-polarized).

    Using the USB-A to USB-C charging cable that was supplied with my Gemini,
    the MCS-H06WD charges my Gemini fully in about two hours. That's a little
    slower than the 90 minutes needed for a full charge with the Planetcom
    fast charger, but much faster than the almost 8 hours needed for a full
    charge with any other charger I have tried. And the Gemini doesn't get hot
    to the touch while charging with the LG charger.

    The LG charger is slightly, but only slightly, larger than the Planetcom
    charger. I'm not sure what what fast charging protocol(s) the MCS-H06ER or
    MCS-H06WD use, or whether they would fast charge the Gemini with any other
    cables. (My LG MCS-H06WD charger came without a cable. It should use the
    same cable as the MCS-H06ER.)

    For now these LG chargers seem to be inexpensively available from multiple
    online sellers. Many thanks to Herr von Jan for his tip!

    Edward Hasbrouck
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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