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    Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2018 15:49:16 +0000
    From: Reg <>
    Subject: Re: Psion live and kicking

    On 6th July John Gilbert <> wrote:

    > Tempted I bought a gemini also - well, its a psion formfactor (nice
    > media machine) with android as software.. The latter says it all. Ok for
    > daily quibels, but not for serious work (not in my case anyway). The
    > formfactor is ok, the soft is what it is.

    That is the problem with the Gemini. Andriod is no match for EPOC.

    What made the Psion EPOC machines so good was the 'function before
    fashion' approach of both the hardware AND software. The Gemini is
    only half of what was Psion.

    However on Friday, Planet announced it's Agenda. See:-


    This is significant and could help to promote the Gemini's success.

    However it really needs an EPOC emulator.

    Has anyone been able to install the EPOC OPL Emulator on Linux?

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