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The Digest # 3461, Sun, 21 Aug 2022

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  • Telegram postings from 11.07.22 to 21.08.22
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    Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2022 13:26:40 +0000
    From: rv
    Subject: Telegram postings from 11.07.22 to 21.08.22

    Gianluca, [21.08.2022 08:41]
    Dear all, I had access to my gmail page through Opera Mini browser on my glorious Nokia E71 until a couple of days ago. From yesterday on, it seems that gmail does not recognize my browser anymore. Does anybody have a clue or a workaraound for that? thanks in advance

    Chris Lewis, [21.08.2022 08:49]
    Gmail will be looking for the “user agent” string to tell it what browser you are using, and if it doesn’t match its list of acceptable ones it won’t let it go through. You could try changing to desktop on the settings - - I don’t know if mini can use add-ons, but there is a switcher available for full opera - . There was also a workaround someone found on the xda forum -

    Hope one of these works!

    Admin Itamar, [21.08.2022 09:20]
    Although not Psion related this is definitely a mobile problem. I have been using Android Auto happily with my Galaxy S9+ phone for many months. Unfortunately recently it stopped connecting. I have searched the internet left right and center and have tried everything possible from :
    - resetting the car audio system
    - using a different cable
    - connecting a different phone (which worked)
    - adding the developer options in the phone settings and changing various settings as described
    - restarting the phone
    But nothing seems to be working. When I try to connect the file transfer setting in the USB connection switches off and the connection fails, even though I have set it as the default setting. If anyone had a similar problem and found a solution I will be happy to hear about it.
    PS: The only thing I did not do was resetting my phone to the factory settings as it will wipe everything of my phone and only God knows whether I will be able to use the back-up to reinstall it all.

    Admin Itamar, [21.08.2022 09:23]
    On another note, if I would decide to upgrade my phone (which is now close to 4 years old and I bought it 2nd hand) I would probably go for one of the cheaper makes which are now good phones as well. I am not a power user, I don’t play video games on it, hardly watch films (much better on my iPad), mainly use it for email, whatsapp, news apps, weather, banking. What would be a good quality phone these days at a competitive price (not the cheapest, competitive). Thanks in advance for any advice given.

    Admin Itamar, [21.08.2022 09:24]
    Oops, forgot, use it for phone calls as well from time to time :-) :-)

    David, [21.08.2022 09:30]
    The Samsung A53 looks like a great device and can be got new in the UK for between £300 and £399, 1/3 price of an S22.

    Gianluca, [21.08.2022 09:35]
    [Antwort auf Chris Lewis]
    thanks Chris, until now I tried option no. 3 but unfortunately the free version of guardster does not work with gmail. I'll try the other two options, then

    Admin Kees, [21.08.2022 10:57]
    [Antwort auf Gianluca]
    Based on your post I checked if I can get access with Opera mini and my iPhone SE (2016), but it is still running on the latest iOS.

    Yes I did get access.
    There is a possibility that the Nokia or its OS has been placed on a 'banned' list.

    Gianluca, [21.08.2022 14:04]
    [Antwort auf Itamar]
    Thanks Kees, in the mean time I spotted this possible allternative.
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