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The Digest # 3409, Tue, 30 Nov 2021

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  • iOS 15 & notability
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    Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 09:12:21 +0200
    From: Itamar Engelsman
    Subject: iOS 15 & notability

    Hi All,

    After around 2 months of using iOS15 on my iPad I have to admit that it actually does not make much difference with the earlier versions. I suppose the main change for me is the somewhat easier way of handling multiple screens but otherwise the changes are mostly not noted in my daily use. The extended use of widgets is another one but it is still so irritating that you cannot place an app where you want on the screen but they are automatically placed from left to right from top to bottom. And if you try and make a change all your apps and widgets move around and you basically have to start again to rearrange your Home Screen. The option to focus with different home screens is nice but for me not that practical. All in all I would have been just as happy without it.

    As to the Notability note taking app, having recently retired I am now using it for taking notes during lessons with my apple pen and after getting used to writing on a screen it works great. I can also take a scan of any printed handouts and place it at the top of my notes (or in the middle) and write underneath it or over it. It is a totally different way of taking notes but it works very well and I am saving paper.

    I would love to find some new apps and ways to use my iPad but I don't see many original apps coming out, most are just a "repeat with a twist" which I don't need anyhow.

    Let me know your thoughts and ideas of different ways to use the iPad (or other tablets) ?

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