***** Tips for Posting to TheDigest (email service) or to telegram *****

  1.  For subscribing to the email service click here.
       For subscribing to Telegram open the link telegram.
  2.  For unsubscribing follow the link at the bottom of each received digest or click here.
       For unsubscribing from telegram press "Leave group".
  3.  Send your posting to or enter your message in telegram.
  4.  If you want to send an email, never send the previous digest or posting with your reply!
  5.  When answering a message please quote only the relative part and not the whole message.
  6.  If you want to send an email, write a meaningful subject line, describing your message,
       do not repeat the subject text of the digest.
  7.  Add the digest address "" to your email address book,
       to ensure that TheDigest emails arrive in your mailbox.
  8.  The content of this digest is not censored. However, please respect
       each others opinions, refrain from discrimination and racism and be polite.
       We keep the right not to publish and/or delete messages or to ban or delete subscribers in extreme cases.
  9.  In the email service your posting can be shown with or without your email address.
       If you want to change the visibility of your address, click here.
       In the same form you can change your name, which will be shown instead of your address.
10. For your security all email addresses are truncated in the website archive.
      If you want to reply to any posting, the best way will be to post it
      in the digest or in telegram. If you want to send a PM to a subscriber, ask
      the admin admin(at) to send your request to the appropriate subscriber
      and describe shortly the reason you want to send a message to this subscriber.
11. All question and information, which are not intended for all subscribers,
      send to admin(at)